Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dot Com Directory

Collection of websites, which may include from Pay Per Clicks, Earning Sites, Ad Site, Social Networking Sites, Traffic Generating Sites and the other like.

Dot Com Directory is broadly divided into the following:

Ad Sites 

Sites which are ad based, where you can give a limited number of advertisements in the form of links, banners, pay per click, solo ads, credit mailer, rotator and so on. In some sites these are given as it is, in some other sites, you need to see the ads by clicking first to avail that particular day limit.

If you want to earn - select publisher, if you want to advertise - select Advertiser while creating the account.  Each site will give you a referral link by which you can refer to friends who are interested in joining such sites. Also provided are the banners,

Ad sites are the only way to get your site known to all over with little effort.  Only drawback is Pay Per Click sites are not entertained by some especially the google.

Earning Sites

Sites that allow you to earn from pennies to dollars with or without investment.

Affiliate Sites

Sites that allow you to earn by means of affiliating with them, to market their products.

Investment Sites

Investment is needed in these for one to earn.

Disclaimer: This is not a job opportunity.  All sites are run by respective owners in which we have no say. Register at your own risk. If you find any site not paying even after legitimate period put by site please let us know we will remove the link.

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